Taffrail waves

Announcing Taffrail

The platform we’ve created offers the most comprehensive and compliant solution for digital advice in the brokerage industry.

We are excited to announce that Just Good Advice is now Taffrail. When we launched our business in 2018, we set out to redefine personalized digital advice in financial services. Now, we’ve reimagined our company’s brand to align with our mission, our growing needs, and our client’s goals.

Taffrail is on a mission to bring objective, contextual, and automated guidance to help individual investors.

So, why now? Earlier this year, the SEC adopted Regulation Best Interest. Reg BI, among other things, provides clarity around how we can help brokers provide automated, personalized guidance to their clients.

The SEC enumerates the Care Obligations, which brokers must follow before giving any advice. In August, we confirmed with the SEC that the Care Obligations provide a safe harbor for brokers who use our service to provide automated advice to their clients.

To continue with the concept of a safe harbor and maritime metaphors: think of a railing around a ship. This railing is called the taffrail. Like advice, a taffrail should always be there when you need it, and should not distract from your experience when you don’t.

Taffrail helps us to reframe personalized digital advice in the brokerage industry as a vital feature to help investors reduce risk, improve outcomes, and avoid costly mistakes.

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