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Taffrail is the leading provider of personalized digital advice for the financial brokerage industry.

We believe self-directed investors have better outcomes with convenient access to personalized objective guidance.
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We help brokers bring automated, personalized advice to individual investors.

Brokerages and banks integrate Taffrail into their existing apps to provide their clients with compliant recommendations and guidance.

Investing is changing
and investors need help

As investors adopt passive investing strategies, they need help from their brokers to open the right accounts, pick the right asset allocation, and find low-cost index funds.

Investors require help with specific questions and want recommendations on what to work on next.

Brokers are avoiding the help their clients need

Brokers believe that as soon as they personalize a generic recommendation, they trigger the requirements of Regulation Best Interest and are obligated to undertake a due diligence process that is so cumbersome for both the investor and the broker that it's not worth it.

Taffrail can help brokers help their clients

Brokers can use our library of compliant advice rules to add personalized, objective help to their existing client experiences. Our APIs ensure that clients only see objective, defensible advice that is compliant with the words and the intent of regulations written by FINRA and the SEC.

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Some advice is unarguable.

Taffrail has a library of thousands of fact-based advice rules that brokers can add to their existing client experience to give investors the personalized help that they need, where they need it.

Each advice rule uses conditional formulas that evaluate investing constraints against the client's own information. Information that the broker may already know about the client, like their age, can be passed to our API so the client can verify their information without needing to re-enter it. Rules know when to ask for unknown data, only when it's relevant, and any new information received can be exported in real time.

The Taffrail advice rules are not just a solution, they are a canvas for your firm’s unique voice and calls to action. Customize them to reflect your brand and enhance your client interactions.


Personalization is possible.

Most brokers have separate educational areas with a plethora of helpful, safe, and unquestionable guidance. Brokers offer these generic recommendations under a safe harbor of the SEC’s Regulation Best Interest.

Until now, brokers have avoided personalizing this content out of fear of triggering the burdensome requirements of giving “regulated advice." With Taffrail, brokers can personalize their existing content to comply with the SEC's regulation.

When brokers use Taffrail's advice-as-a-service, they know their users see advice built on rules-based, formulaic logic. They know the client has provided the relevant data necessary for the advice to be accurate, and they know there is a record of each piece of advice given and why.

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Enhance your digital experience with personalized advice

Taffrail allows brokerage firms and banks to painlessly add objective, tailored recommendations to their existing apps while complying with all regulatory obligations.

The Taffrail API

Taffrail offers the industry’s first API designed explicitly for financial advice — what we call “Advice-as-a-Service." 

Powered by AWS and built by developers with decades of experience building high-performing financial solutions, Taffrail's API is as refreshing as it is familiar. It's precisely what you'd expect — fast, secure, and easy to work with.

Built to satisfy Compliance

Rules are written logically and readable, making them easy to review and test. Once in production, each API call is archived. Compliance and product teams can review every piece of advice given, along with assumptions, user inputs, and click-throughs.

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One recommendation,
any channel

Whether it be your existing website, mobile app, virtual assistant, or even your AI solution, Taffrail's API is context-aware and supports conversational interfaces.

Since many recommendations programmed in Advice Builder are bite-sized and action-oriented, sending push notifications is another way to engage users.

Conversational Interfaces

Our API has native support for conversational interfaces, allowing you to integrate with virtual assistants, such as chatbots and Generative AI.

Taffrail Roth vs Traditional advice virtual assistant

Advice Builder

At the core of Taffrail’s platform is Advice Builder, a custom content management app where all advice rules are composed, managed, verified, and audited. Firms can use our powerful screening tools to find pre-built rules or write new rules from scratch in minutes.

Scalability is a feature

Our apps are built on AWS infrastructure for security, scalability, and the reliability we've come to expect from cloud computing.

Taffrail advice builder

Regulatory Compliance

Any guidance generated by Taffrail is unequivocally risk-free because it is based on transparent, objective rules and user inputs.

With many existing tools, firms must obtain a complete investor profile for each user before providing a recommendation.

Taffrail is different. Our API only asks the user for data that is relevant to the advice being given. For information the firm already knows, the client can confirm the data driving a recommendation.

By creating automated advice rules using software, we can guarantee that each piece of advice is compliant with all the Suitability and Care obligations that are required by FINRA and the SEC.

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Taffrail is a deterministic rules engine

Taffrail uses thousands of reliable and transparent rules crafted by humans who deeply understand financial markets, investment strategies, tax laws, and privacy. Taffrail is free from LLMs, generative AI, and hallucinations.

Generative AI can't answer regulated answers

Generative AI, like ChatGPT, Copilot, or Google Gemini, cannot provide factually correct and personalized answers to complex financial questions.

Learn more about Taffrail and AI
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About Taffrail

We are a team of thought leaders, designers, product managers, and engineers who have been developing solutions in the financial services industry for the last 20+ years. Our team builds Taffrail on experiences gained at firms including Refinitiv, IHS Markit, S&P Global, Morningstar, and Goldman Sachs.

Global pandemic or not, we are a remote-first company. What this means to everyone might be different, but to us, it means we are focused on being intentional with the culture we promote and the tools we use, no matter the timezone. Taffrail was born in the foothills of the Rockies in Boulder, Colorado, and has been spread out between Burlington, Chicago, and San Francisco.

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It's possible you've gotten this far and are asking yourself, “Can this really be true?” Rest assured, it is, and we'd love to show you more.

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Personalized digital advice for financial firms and their clients.
Our platform offers the most comprehensive and compliant solution for objective, contextual, and automated advice to help individual investors.