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Taffrail is personalized digital advice without AI

Today's investors have specific and complex questions. Taffrail provides the answers with a level of personalization and objectivity generative AI is not capable of producing.

Taffrail uses thousands of reliable and transparent rules crafted by humans who have a deep understanding of the financial markets and investment strategies, tax laws and privacy. Taffrail is free from LLMs, generative AI, and hallucinations.

Generative AI is not a solution for automated financial advice

Generative AI, like ChatGPT, Bing AI, or Google Bard, is incapable of providing both factually correct and personalized answers to complex financial questions. Since AI works by guessing the next words in a sequence, it doesn't have pre-scripted or predetermined logic, based on factual sources, built-in. Not to mention, ChatGPT struggles with math and failed the CPA exam5.

Taffrail is the leading provider of personalized digital advice for the financial brokerage industry. The advice provided by Taffrail is risk-free and always correct, without the hallucinations or inaccuracy of generative AI.

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Taffrail knows the answer to every question asked, every time

Generative AI does not know in advance what it’s going to say. In fact, if you ask it, the AI will tell you its responses “are not predetermined or pre-scripted”. Therefore, these answers are literally guesses and when it comes to financial advice, there's no room for guessing.

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It's no wonder JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Apple, Accenture, and others have banned ChatGPT2 at work.

Taffrail uses the latest regulatory data available from public sources

AI is only as good as its training data, which, in ChatGPT’s case, is from September 20211. Generative AI platforms provide factually incorrect statements with confidence, requiring users and investors to verify themselves.

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Taffrail uses the latest available regulatory data from the IRS and other official sources. Once we learn of a change, it takes only minutes to update all the Taffrail rules.

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Enhance your digital experience with Taffrail

Taffrail makes it possible for brokerage firms and banks to painlessly add objective, tailored recommendations to their existing apps while maintaining compliance with all regulatory obligations.

Taffrail is open, transparent, and verifiable

AI systems are the definition of black box

AI systems must be transparent and explainable to ensure that investors can understand the basis for recommendations and decisions. These aren’t the only ethical and regulatory issues: consider data privacy, bias, and oversight.

AI chatbots are best suited for simple tasks, such as answering FAQs or providing product information. They can't handle more complex tasks, nor do they understand the nuances of IRS tax laws and government regulations.

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Predetermined outcomes
Transparent and verifiable
Personalized to each investor
Objective & contextual
Approved by the SEC
Always up-to-date with IRS and regulatory limits
Risk-free & compliant advice
Private and anonymous data
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Safe harbor and smooth sailing

A railing around a ship is called a taffrail. Like advice, a taffrail should be there when you need it, and not distract from the experience when you don’t.

Our platform offers the most comprehensive and compliant solution for objective, contextual, and automated advice to help individual investors.